How to care of your skin and  appearance during the heat? Sunny days and high temperatures can be a big challenge for appearance and for our overall well-being. During those, we should improve some changes twith our rituals. Many cosmetics in the summer season cease to give adequate effects. How to care for your skin so that it stays healthy, cleansed and properly moisturized?

The condition of our skin is determined by many factors. We have no influence on some of them, but many of them may remain under our control. In summer, the skin is particularly exposed to a number of factors that accelerate the aging process and also affect its pollution.
Hence – a brief guide on how to care for your skin, as well as about the appearance of our hair, and thus about well-being, when the temperature outside the window exceeds 30 degrees.


Moisturizing the skin is the foundation of care, especially during hot weather. In the summer we sweat much more, which means we lose much more water. Therefore, in addition to using moisturizing creams adapted to the type of our skin, we should remember about proper hydration. Irreplaceable in this case will be still  water, which will not quench thirst and positively affect the condition of the skin. The thermal water (on hot days stored in the refrigerator) will also work great. It will perfectly cool the skin and refresh the mind. Reach also for beauty products containing aloe and collagen – they prevent unpleasant feelings of tired and tightened skin after a few.  You can also reach for a proper, natural supplementation that will moisturize and strengthen hair from the inside.


One of the most common mistakes in skin care in the summer is not using sunblock. In the summer it is best to change the cream into a slightly lighter, and above all, one with a high sun protection.  Most important is protection against free radicals and skin diseases. Use creams with a filter not only on the face, but also on the whole body.  If, however, a burn occurs,  use the summer or cold shower as soon as possible and then make a compress. It is also a good idea to use aloe juice, which will calm down some redness. You can’t forget about sunglasses and eye moisturizing. Sun protection, good, high filters and polarization will prove beneficial. Remember to choose neutral drops to moisturize eyes if they’re drying.


Summer is really a difficult season for the skin of the face. She can suffer particularly, so it is important to relieve her and not put too much stress on her. It is worth giving up heavy foundation and bases used under make-up. On hot days, makeup is like a vicious circle. On the one hand, the skin shines a little more, produces more sebum, more often there are imperfections. Unfortunately, applying successive layers of powder will not make us look better. On the contrary. Therefore, try to minimize  make-up for meringue papers, which in this case will be much more effective. It’s best to invest your time in makeup removal and thorough face cleansing.  Don’t  mask the imperfections of the skin under too heavy make-up. The effects of such actions are not only unattractive appearance, but also faster formation of wrinkles.

In hot weather, we tie the hair, spray it with mists and use moisturizing masks. We shield the body from the sun’s rays and take cold showers. Let’s not forget that high temperatures are just as much a burden on the face. The vessels are asking for relief, let us know by blush and redness. Do not throw such signals on the temperature and do not forget about the case. On hot summer days, skin and hair are more caring than ever before. Care of  well-being and hydration of the skin from the inside and outside will certainly improve appearance. We hope that you have learned exactly how to care for your skin in the heat and do not forget about the protection of hair and eyes.