As it is well known, collagen is a protein. It is an element of connective tissue that builds bones, joints, cartilage, as well as skin and tendons. It is a key element of the body’s good health, because it has many different functions. Over time, the human body slowly loses the ability to rebuild collagen fibers, which causes a significant decrease in its quantity. And this situation can sometimes lead to disturbances in the work of individual parts of the body and movement disorders. Therefore, at some point it is worth starting supplementation.

Collagen for motion system

The statement that collagen is the most popular protein of our body is the most true. Especially in the motion system there are structures almost entirely built of collagen fibers. The more a given structure contains collagen – the more elastic it is. It is resistant to deformation and capable of transferring more forces. The tendons and ligaments contain as much as 86 percent of collagen, and the cartilage is half-made of this protein. The high content of collagen is observed in the synovial fluid – a substance that prevents one bone from rubbing against the other. It is thanks to its incredible properties that heavy bones do not clash on the contact surface. So they have the ability to move elastically with each other. This is how healthy joints should work.

Another tissue built in a huge part of collagen is the skin. This protein is a soft scaffold thanks to which the skin is able to provide protection to sensitive parts of the body. It owes all skin resistance and elasticity to collagen scaffolding. A large content of collagen in the dry mass also shows the cornea of ​​the eye, the walls of blood vessels and bones.

Joint disease resulting from the age of  is one thing. The injuries are the second which needs to be taken into account. Most often it will lead to excessive loading of the joint capsule, and this makes the head of the bone in the acetabulum poorly. The strengthening is therefore important. Otherwise – greater production of vitreous cartilage as well as collagen. Until the joints recover fully, the cartilage is more damaging and the joint more exposed to stress. Therefore, regular collagen supplementation should be included in various joint problems.

Do we need the dietary supplementation with collagen

Because it has very important functions, it should be supplemented and aided in its natural synthesis. This issue is complicated by the fact that collagen is very difficult to find in food. For this reason, it is worth to buy special supplements containing collagen. Start this process with the addition of vitamins supporting the natural production of this protein – i.e. A, C and E. Thankfully it’s not difficult to find them in food. This is why the diet can not be missing with red meat, green vegetables or fruit.

A well-chosen dietary supplement with collagen can give positive results. Joint reconstruction is a process that takes a lot of time, for example because of the mechanism that governs it. However, supplementation is usually necessary because a balanced diet does not predict the most frequently increased need for collagen. Self-attachment of supplements is only allowed for a short time, when the cause of the discomfort is easy to discover. However, in more complicated cases, a doctor should be consulted.