Collagen is a protein that abundantly occurs in bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, digestive system and skin. This ingridient is also present in hair and nails. It is indispensable because for tendons and joints it is like glue, it also strengthens the skin and gives it elasticity and firmness. That happens because it replaces dead and peeled skin with a new one. The word itself comes from the Greek “kolla”, which means no less, no more than just a glue.

Collagen in the body

It makes up 30% of the total mass of human protein and is the main building block of connective tissue. Its most important features are resilience and stretchability as well as resistance to mechanical injuries. It connects the muscles with the skeleton and keeps the cells in check. In addition, it ensures the proper level of skin hydration and helps in the regeneration of cells. Our body produces collagen itself, but unfortunately its production begins to slow down. In addition to transience and the aging process, there are other factors that adversely affect the production of collagen. Thus, consumption of products rich in sugar, smoking, or excessive exposure to the sun’s rays cause the destruction of collagen fibers and a significant decrease in the level of this protein in the body. We struggle with wrinkles, flabby skin, joint pain, and weakness or thinning of cartilage.

Nutrikosmetics and collagen supplements

Collagen and hyaluronic acid are part of most anti-wrinkle creams. However this should not be the only way to supply these ingredients. Ingestion in food or carefully selected supplements supports the condition of the skin, hair, nails and even teeth. Natural collagen reduces the visible signs of cellulite. What is more you can also observe a smaller “creak” and increased mobility of rigid joints. The increase in the amount of this protein is connected  with the amount of glycine (a collagen building component) that helps maintain energy levels throughout the day. Internal collagen supplementation is a safe method of collagen synthesis support that minimizes the effects of skin aging.

The first effects can be seen after about a month of use and are associated with improved immunity. You have to wait about 3 months for those visible on the skin. To maintain skin elasticity, as well as joints in a good condition is the use of supplementation.