Dietary supplements are gaining in popularity. Unfortunately so far there has been a lack of reliable and consistent information on these preparations. The one that allows us to distinguish the tested products of the highest quality from the others.

Taking dietary supplements is one of the ways to fight nutrient deficiencies. These shortages may be caused by, for example, increased physical effort, poor diet or special nutritional needs.

So – where and what supplements to buy to be sure that they will help us, not harm and what to look for when choosing them?

The most important thing when choosing dietary supplements is to check the origin of the raw material. We should remember that the set of vitamins and minerals synthetically acquired in the laboratory, and in the form of plant raw materials, works completely differently. Natural plant-derived supplements are more easily absorbed and are characterized by more effective action.

Watch out for synthetics that often pretend to be natural supplements.

The easiest way to recognize them is at the price of the product. In this case, the saying that you have to pay for the quality is checked. Too low a price is a signal that the preparation probably contains traces of a beneficial ingredient. It can mean as well  that it uses a synthesizer that only pretends to be a natural raw material.

Before we buy a dietary supplement, it’s best to consider whether we really do not need a supplement.

The reasoning and operation logic should be as follows:

I am sick -> I am treated with medication (preferably after consulting a doctor).

I am healthy: -> I notice a problem / deficiency of some ingredient -> if possible or necessary, I verify my assumptions with research -> I wonder if I can change my diet so that the deficiency can be excluded-> I wonder what exactly I need to supplement -> I choose a good, natural food supplement

It is a mistake to use a supplement if we need to use the medicine and vice versa.

The dietary supplement used according to the information on the packaging CAN NOT have a curative effect. Even if it has a drug-like composition, it differs in the dose. The recommended dose schedule, or the quality of the herbal extract or composition.

* Some supplements affect the effect of medicines. It can weaken or strengthen them. Therefore, remember – if you are healing, before you buy a dietary supplement tell your pharmacist / doctor / dietitian. It is very important for your health!