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In NATURE ESSENCE supplements (except for collagen in COLLAGEN FOR YOUR BEAUTY), there is no ingredient of animal origin, which makes these products suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

No, we have pledged not to use the raw materials tested on animals or to carry out such tests at any stage of the production of products.

All raw materials that we use for the production of supplements come from certified suppliers. We do not use any cheap substitutes. Our products are manufactured in the European Union in accordance with GMP, FSSC, BRC, ISO certificates. This guarantees high quality and safety of our products.

Each of the ingredients in our products has been chosen because of its proven effectiveness. Manufacturers of raw materials used by us conduct research (also clinical) that confirms their operation.

Children under 12 can use NATURE ESSENCE supplements ONLY after consulting a doctor or pharmacist. These products were created for young people and adults.

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded (information on the product packaging). You can divide it into two portions, for example, or take one portion at a time.

Shota, can be diluted, for example, in a glass of water. It is recommended to take shots with a lot of water. Collagen should only be consumed after reconstituting it in 200ml of water.

Dietary supplements should not be mixed directly with alcohol. However, there are no contraindications to alcohol consumption when the supplement is used.

Yes, you should follow the daily dose recommendations.

The packaging of each type of supplements is given the method of use, please follow these tips.

Our products are inspired entirely by nature, therefore they contain sugars only of natural origin – fruit. We have also made sure that NATURE ESSENCE products have the right proportions of sugars in relation to other ingredients so that they enhance the effect of supplements without harming them.

From a diabetic perspective, the use of NATURE ESSENCE products does not change anything in their diet planning. This means that people who use insulin must consider its dose, depending on the carbohydrate dose. Just like with every meal. People with type II diabetes must remember to distribute the sugar intake from fats (at least one hour is recommended), or take it during or up to 2 hours after physical exercise. In case of doubts, it is always worth consulting the way of taking NATURE ESSENCE products with a doctor who created individual recommendations for a diabetic, so as to include the content of our products in the correct diet plan.

In each case of balancing the diet for children, we must take into account a number of factors, including the child’s developmental stage, its weight, tolerance to the given elements of the diet or the current diet. NATURE ESSENCE shots, as products from natural ingredients and children can bring many benefits, but remember that: It is strongly discouraged to give children products containing caffeine; some NATURE ESSENCE products contain this – a natural ingredient. So always check the exact composition of each shot you plan to give to children; if in doubt, consult a physician before using any of the products. This is recommended, for example, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients or other contraindications. Remember that children do not plan their own diet. We must take care of its correct ingredients.

Some NATURE ESSENCE products are based on natural caffeine extracts (eg Perfect Body Therapy, MemoryStart, EnergyStart, FatburnStart). Of course – it also contains coffee, which, depending on the type and method of preparation, has about 30-50mg of caffeine. Remember to separate both sources from yourself. It is best to keep one or more of the above-mentioned products at least 3 to 4 hours before / after drinking coffee or another product that contains caffeine.

The use of any caffeine-containing product should be given to people with cardiovascular disease preceded by a consultation with a doctor. We recommend that you always check the composition of each of our products. We remind you that caffeine contains, among others Perfect Body Therapy, MemoryStart, EnergyStart, FatburnStart.

Orders and Shipping

Orders can be placed through our online store, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The order is delivered depending on the country of delivery via courier or mail.

If the order was placed until 12:00 working day, sent on the same day and delivered within a maximum of 3 days (except, among others: America, Asia, Australia, Russia where the delivery time is about 14 days).

By placing an order through an online store, you can pay by online transfer, PayPal, bank card or cash on delivery (only in selected countries). The payment platform is supported by PayPal and T Pay, which is the fastest growing provider of electronic verification and payment in recent years.

Yes, such orders are processed as standard, and the shipping fee is one for all products.

Yes, according to the Consumers Act, check the store regulations.

Registration, Cooperation Rules

The easiest way is to complete the registration form on the website. If you know a person who is already our Partner, let her know that you want to join NATURE ESSENCE, we assure you that he will help you with the registration process. However, if you do not know anyone and have any questions, please contact us via the contact form.

No, registration is free. It also does not require any orders.

No, we do not require business. Being a consumer, you have the status of a Partner and you have access to the Partner Program, you can invite your friends and use rebates compatible with the Partnership Program.

The next step after registration to get the opportunity to make purchases in the Partner Program is to activate the Partner account by the Administrator and assign the appropriate codes. If you want to have access to the Partner Program immediately after registration, please contact the Customer Service Department via the contact form.

Yes, in NATURE ESSENCE we do not create barriers to the registration of members of other MLM / DS companies. Each of our Partners decides in which company wants to have the Partner status.

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