In the interest of the health of our partners, in all our supplements we use the packaging of the renowned Bormioli Rocco Pharma Business Unit.

Bormioli Rocco P.B.U. is certified ISO 9001: 2008 i ISO 15378. This latter certification ensures that the activities and organization of production sites are in line with international Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards for the original packaging of medicinal products. Company Bormioli Rocco P.B.U. also received a certificate of conformity with the European Directive 93/42 EEC concerning medical devices.

The assortment of Bormioli Rocco P.B.U. is a wide range of plastic packaging for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food sectors. They are based on highly sophisticated materials and technologies that guarantee chemical stability, dimensional precision and mechanical resistance… without forgetting practical and design factors.

The company is still implementing rigorous production procedures and is constantly investing in technology and equipment; Starting from the cleanliness of the premises, which prevents the possibility of contamination at the molecular level to the more efficient and sophisticated control systems.

In addition, the company is registered in international control bodies such as FDA for US market, TPP for Canada and SDA for China.

For over 40 years Bormioli Rocco P.B.U. has used standard plastic resins, including PET, PP, PE, PEN to ensure the quality of the packaging that hits the market.

All plastic materials used by Bormioli Rocco are subjected to a careful and meticulous approval procedure. They are suitable for food contact according to the information provided in the European Pharmacopoeia.

The plastic used by Bormioli Rocco can be recycled through thermal destruction and energy recovery.

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