Research shows that active relaxation helps to get rid of stress, boosts metabolism and extends life. A little movement also speeds up regeneration and soothes the pain. On holiday, however, it is about rest, not about slimming. That’s why when you are on vacation, exercises to lose weight are pointless. Motivation will fall even faster. However, there are many benefits from rational, summer physical activity. During your holiday, search for better contact with your own body, increase energy and strength. Even a few frisbee kicks can make you become the queen or king of the beach. More than one dancing evening will allow you to spend time the way you like. And by the way, burn calories and build good condition.

Summer is in full its full swing. Many of us have been preparing ourselves for a long time to present our silhouette. A vacation, however, is often a temptation to let off regular training and loosen up about the diet. If you are wondering how to get the most out of holidays and at the same time not gain weight – here you will find the answer to your dilemmas.

How to build a great shape with inconspicuous fun

If you have lived a passive lifestyle for a long time, you have not moved much, do not try to switch to active mode at once. This is not conducive to the atmosphere of rest, nor even higher, summer temperatures. Too intensive exercise without proper preparation may prove dangerous to health in this situation. We usually spend holidays with company of friends.  So it’s also worth building enthusiasm in a group or in a duet and spending time actively together. The presence of the other person is motivating, it helps to overcome fears and resistance. In addition, you can have great fun, joking and laughing together. This is called real, holiday and active relaxation.

What you do in your spare time increases your energy expenditure. If you choose a bike or a walk instead of a car or weeding a garden instead of lying on a sunbed, you achieve plenty of benefits. Not only you will burn extra calories, but also get tanned and relax. Water scouts are also effective exercises for the whole body. They provide comprehensive training for all muscles without affecting the osteoarticular system. It definitely increases the flexibility of movements and endurance. Swimming together in lakes or the sea is a nice, active form of spending leisure time. What is neede as well is you trying at least to like your body. Instead of constantly criticizing yourself for how you look and control what you eat during the holidays, adopt a different strategy. Accept yourself and like your appearance – at the moment you only have this one.

Here we suggest what holiday activities will bring a lot of joy, do not overwork and make it easier to maintain or achieve a healthy silhouette.

A walk with your dog

Research shows that pet owners are moving a lot more than others, thanks to regular walks and running with pets. You can also turn in the retaking into training. Take a toy or stick and play with the dog in the drag. Stay active – turning, going backwards, jumping, etc.


When you dance you can do a nice cardio workout, but it’s not enough that you stand on the dance floor or dance mat. You can include in in the fitness category only long sessions in constant motion. And this is done by inserting 5-minute fragments in a very fast rhythm. You do not have to push yourself, but try to devote yourself to crazy rhythms for 20-30 minutes. Above all you will certainly gain more than just good fun and active relaxation.

Beach volleyball

Even if you play on a very average level or bounce the ball crookedly, with every move on the pitch you improve your form. The boggy ground that resists you with every step makes it more difficult. Because to this, the amount of muscle involved in movement is really big.


Throwing the plate will free you from stress – running, jumping and literally flying to catch the the disk. It helps you to relax and gives a great time. If you do not like team sports, a duo is enough to train – throw the disc so that it is difficult for you to catch it.

Practice and feel the difference. Find a favorite way of frequent physical activity. Do not focus too much on losing or maintaining weight. It’s better to focus on other aspects of exercise: joy of life, more energy and well-being. As a result you will reach deep core of active relaxation.