Usually the winter is suspected to cause  the damage  on our skin. Frost, cold air outside and dry indoors, air conditioning and hair dryers – these are the main enemies of a moisturized and radiant complexion. However, it is worth remembering that you can also have skin problems in summer. See how to nurture it to maintain a healthy look and firmness. Here are some answers to the question that often bothers us about how to protect the skin in the summer.

Make friends with the sun

There is no secret about  sun affecting the appearance of our skin. It gives not only gives  a beautiful tan, but it also accelerates skin aging, dries up and can cause serious illness. To enjoy the weather in full, always use sunblock. Choose day creams that have at least 20 SPF. If you’re going to sunbathe or go on holiday, protect yourself against harmful solar radiation and regularly apply appropriate cosmetics. After each sunbathing, use also a medicine that will relieve the skin. Creams after tanning will regenerate it quickly and will prolong the tan. It will be soft and delicate, without signs of sun irritation. During the day the sunscreen rubs off and absorbs, so remember to repeat the treatment at least twice during the hot day.

Cleansing, above all

Daily skin care of the whole body, as well as summer complexion, is based on one hand on cleansing and on the other on moisturizing. In the summer, when temperatures are getting higher, our body has to deal with overheating and sweat more. Sweat, mixing with excess sebum and impurities, creates unsightly blackheads. So how to protect skin in the summer? Neglected is exposed to the appearance of pimples and irritations. It is worth to use miceral liquid or tone the face with aloe vera. In the summer it is much easier to get irritated, so remember to use  delicate and natural skin care products.

When it comes to cleansing, peeling is a good solution here, which allows you to peel off dead skin cells. If your skin is drawn, dirty and rough, do not forget about peeling. Small particles contained in it will cleanse the skin even better and get rid of impurities from the pores of the skin. This allows the skin to be smooth and pleasant in touch. It is especially important to care for smooth and aesthetic feet, which we are happy to display in the summer. You’ll see the effects faster than you think. The skin will become much more smooth and ready for nutritional cosmetics. Peel the skin for your skin type and smell preferences and enjoy the perfect look.

Moisturizing is the most important thing

To care for the skin in the summer, you need to care for the right level of hydration. For this purpose, it is worth choosing creams and balms. For this purpose, it is worth using creams and balms with extracts from natural plants, preferably those with collagen or aloe. Do not forget about thermal water. Use it several times a day. The skin of the face and body will bring solace and affect it energetically. Therefore you can use light formula cosmetiscs. Remember also that balms, creams and oils will not cope if you do not properly hydrate yourself.