The winter , during which we like to lead a relaxing, less active lifestyle is just ending. At this point our bodies usually don’t look as we would like them to. Maybe we have some extra kilos, or maybe our skin, deprived of contact with oxygen and sunlight, looks bad?  Frost, wind, snow, rain, dry air in flats and houses, a diet that is poorer in fruits and vegetables. Less outdoor activity  – all of this negatively affects the condition of the whole organism. How, then, restore the skin’s radiance and the body’s good condition?

Our hair, skin and body deserve a solid dose of regeneration and care after quite difficult period. At the beginning of spring we can still struggle with the effects of an unfavorable weather. This might happen even if we devote a lot of attention and time to taking care of ourselves. Dehydrated, dull skin, a few extra kilos, dry and damaged hair? Each of us knows these problems. Fortunately, there are many wise and balanced ways to regain the complexion and hair.

How to start?

It is best to start by carefully looking at yourself and assess the general state of our body. Then in detail: the condition of hair and nails, complexion, and silhouette. It is obvious that regularly practiced sport and a varied, healthy diet are the best way to maintain an optimal level of health and appearance. Do not kid yourself, however! Everyone is experiencing a moment of crisis, and winter evenings favor relaxation with tea with honey and delicacies rather than strict compliance with the training plan.

Once we dispel all doubts and reconcile with the state of affairs, it is time to identify the changes we want or need to make.

Here is a short guide and effective tips on how to restore your glow and health!

Where to get energy?

In addition to water (of course, hot, preferably with lemon), drink green tea for good morning. Unlike coffee, it does not color tooth enamel and is a source of valuable polyphenols – antioxidants. It is worth drinking when we need a dose of energy. It contains tein – as stimulating as caffeine. Avoid artificial energies and act according to nature. You can also provide good power and immunity doses by drinking the natural ENERGY START or / and IMMUNO START liners. Your motivation and smile will increase with your vitality. And then it is already easier to combat winter neglect.

Something for an impeccable figure – skin and body!

Even not  intense, but regularly undertaken activity will improve the condition. It will have a positive effect on the psyche and body, because physical exercise activates endorphins – hormones responsible for well-being. Fighting extra kilos does not have to fix  only on sacrifices. It is clear that a balanced diet and systematic physical activity is important, but it will not hurt to turn your metabolism into natural supplementation. We disadvise  pushing yourselves and falling into extremes. A miracle diet may allow you to quickly lose unnecessary kilos, but it does not bring long-lasting and balanced results. Likewise, things have to do with drastic training and access to increased activity without proper preparation. To avoid the yo-yo effect, the changes should be introduced successively and without unnecessary haste.

Remember to choose the activity appropriate to the time of day and adjust its level to your abilities. If we expect slightly faster but still harmless effects, we can reach for the fat burner – but only of natural origin. Beware of chemicals manufactured on the basis of artificial chemicals – they can seriously damage your health.

Skin and hair need now much more than ever!

Soon it will get warm and you will finally be able to show your legs and body a bit more. In addition  it is also important that the skin on this body is smooth and elastic. To save yourself unnecessary stress, it is worth taking the right steps today. Do not forget about peels and proper skin hydration. Now she needs it more than usual. We use not only balms and oils, but above all we care about the right level of hydration. Why? Appropriately large amount of water in the body guarantees the correct volume of blood – and this in turn the ideal dose of oxygen!

In general, we must remember to provide the skin with its basic building materials. We recommend cosmetics with vitamin C, increased dose of collagen, retinol or natural extracts. Your skin needs a healthy diet and proper care. Speaking of care, we also mean “in-the-body” care. Do not forget about vitamins and supplements that are easily digested and support the post-winter regeneration.

In winter, the hair does not have an easy life, hats scarves, zippers from the jackets, additionally dyeing, brightening all adversely affects their condition. If you provide your hair with the right dose of their natural building materials. Proteins, keratin, collagen and amino acids are found in many cosmetics for care and in pharmacy products. Keratin and collagen additionally support the regeneration of your nails. That is why it is worth taking care of their presence in everyday routine. Remember to read the labels carefully and choose the solutions perfectly to your needs.

The first spring rays of the sun mercilessly reveal imperfections. We hope that our guide told you how to restore beauty to your body in a short time!