Intuitive eating is a food method that allows you to stabilize the weight within the physiological norm and maintain it for many years. In contrast to the diet approach, the main goal of intuitive eating is not slimming, but it is its effect. The person giving up gives up prohibitions, fears connected with eating, and above all from feeling guilty. We all have an innate, natural ability to eat intuitively although it is suppressed, especially through slimming.

The idea of ​​giving yourself an unconditional eating permit may seem frightening. We are all afraid that we will never stop eating and eating. It is worth noting that it is dieting that usually causes overeating and discover the principles of intuitive nutrition. Check how to live a healthy life without sacrifices.

Intuitive eating is choosing what is not only healthy for us, but also tasty. Forcing us to consume dishes or products that we do not like at the moment is a wrong activity. Intuitive food is not a diet, but a philosophy of nutrition. It assumes that the body knows in its nature what and in what quantity it needs food. Listening to ourselves and rejecting the beliefs imposed from the outside allows us to re-establish a healthy relationship with food. That’s how food stops to be a source of problems, and  becomes our natural ally. As a result we may preserve  health and beauty for a long time.

Recognize the feeling of hunger and control your eating

Food is a physiological activity that aims to cover the body’s needs for energy and nutrients. This need is  manifested as a feeling of hunger. This is only a message not an enemy.  Many of us are effectively killing this feeling on our daily basis, by eating too much food. The source of this behaviour is not physiological but socio-psychological reasons. For instance: eating under the influence of impulse, emotions, habits or as a result of applying to cultural or traditional conditions.

Celebrate every meal!

Food is a pleasure that often accompanies us during important moments in life. It is good to enjoy it and take care of chewing slowly. During the meal, we should keep in mind that information about fullness goes to our brain after about 20 minutes, so fast food under stress makes it easy to skip the moment of satiety and lead to excessive overeating, which is later reflected in the appearance of diseases, such as overweight or obesity.

Do not eat emotions

Food does not solve emotional problems, it only deepens them. Being comforted in a situation of nervous tension causes us to feel better for a moment. Ultimately, however, it depresses us and breaks us even more, because our original problems have not disappeared, and new ones appeared in the form of extra kilos. Recognizing this mechanism and understanding its causes can permanently solve weight problems. Learn to distinguish physical hunger from emotional hunger. Consciously develop new, constructive ways of dealing with stress and learn to live without sacrifices.

Respect and accept your body

Constant grievances, dissatisfaction, starvation alternating with overeating and substance abuse are just a few of the sins we commit ourselves. The human body is amazing! Accept your body – it’s a cliché, but you will not have another one. Do not impose unrealistic expectations on him. Do not want it to be similar to others. Acceptance does not mean resignation. It is rather a recognition of one’s individuality and uniqueness. Proof of unconditional love.

Be active for pleasure

Movement is also one of the greatest pleasures. For some reason, however, it is difficult to think in this way. We usually deal with physical activity as a training, we connote it with effort, taking away the joy resulting from the movement. We banalize the whole process, it seems to us that to lose unnecessary kilograms can only be a result of hard, hard work, not a fun game. The effect of this is that while in the short term we are able to force ourselves to move regularly, in the perspective of all life, it is rare for any of us to attach importance to it. Unfortunately, with known consequences for health. So find a form of movement that you will love and you will want to do regularly.

Give yourself time and remember that intuitive eating is important

When you slow down a bit, listen to your body. Be more attentive, learn how to live without sacrifices and stay healthy. Eat rationally as you need it. You will keep or gain a healthy figure and calmness.