Summer is the perfect time to take a closer look at your health and take care of it. This is the best time to take care of immunity. There are several ways and they are much simpler than one would suppose.

The holiday season is the period when we have more free time. It is easier then to perform prophylactic examinations and then strengthen the immune system. Resistance of the body, i.e. increased readiness of the immune system to fight various pathogens, will be useful during the coming autumn and winter.

How to improve immunity? Through movement and activity!

It is no secret that physical activity has a positive effect on our health. Regular effort reduces the risk of various diseases. It has a beneficial effect on blood pressure, reduces the risk of overweight and obesity and reduces the risk of developing diabetes. Physical activity also has a beneficial effect on the immune system itself. Good cycling, swimming and running in the forest or park will be good for the body.

Holidays in the bosom of nature

You can also take care of summer immunity by using the surrounding nature. Bathing in a cool lake or stream is an opportunity not only for great water games, cold water, after all, it tempers the spirit and body. A walk on the beach affects feet well (the sand has a peeling effect) and the function of venous vessels (sand walks are beneficial for people with varicose veins). In turn, strolls of coniferous forests may be beneficial due to the airborne essential oils from trees.

Resistance and beneficial effects of sunlight

The immunity is influenced by various vitamins – one of them is vitamin D. It can be delivered to the body by taking appropriate supplements. Thankfully in the summer it is not necessary – because of the the sun’s rays our body is able to produce vitamin D. The sun supports the synthesis of this vitamin. Do not forget that excess sunlight can lead to sunburn. In addition, it has been proven that prolonged tanning increases the risk of skin cancer.

Stress is the enemy of immunity

Fatigue and stress, what every day most of us experience, definitely adversely affects the entire body. Including resistance as well. That’s why it’s worth trying to take advantage of the summer time to calm down a bit. Healthy holidays are those during which we do not worry about emails or phone calls from the boss. A few moments of breathing can have a really beneficial effect on immunity. And besides, let’s remember that holiday usually has to charge our batteries for the whole next year.

Resilience and climate change

Also, the climate that we encounter during the holiday affects the level of immunity of the body. Healthy holidays by the sea are  ideal for people with thyroid disease. The mountains, in turn, are recommended for people with respiratory diseases.

Resistance in the summer can be strengthened very easily. It’s really worth taking care of the immune system in advance. The immune system mobilized during the summer is easier to deal with diseases in autumn and winter cold.