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A detox is, primarily, a method of removing toxins and unnecessary metabolic products from the body, which make us sluggish and tired, in addition to dealing with indigestion or excess flesh, such as in the abdominal area.

It allows the digestive system to rest and serves as an excellent introduction to a proper weight loss diet. Our liver is not only burdened by highly processed food, drinking alcohol or smoking, but also by polluted air.   Therefore, detoxification of the body should be carried out every now and then by everyone – this will eliminate many of the negative side effects of an unhealthy lifestyle: insomnia, concentration disorders, allergies, headaches, indigestion, apathy.

You should think about cleansing your body when you feel you lack energy, have a feeling of constant fatigue, feel unwell, are irritable, suffer from constipation, gas, bloating, gain weight, your skin becomes grey and dull, and your hair and nails are weak and brittle. This is the first step to feeling better.

The aim is to remove toxins from the body, not to wipe out the body, so avoid restrictive diets, starvation, etc. Remember to be physically active, but adapt it to your individual abilities and preferences.

A detox carried out in the right way restores energy and also improves the functioning of all systems in the human body.


The most important ingredients of NATURE ESSENCE Green Detox are:


Oxxynea® - complete formula

It is a unique concentrate of 22 vegetables, fruits and plant extracts. The form of administration mimics the natural release of polyphenols and nutrients from natural vegetables and fruits.


Matcha - the green power of antioxidants

The formula contains a high portion of unfermented Matcha tea, which is considered the healthiest of all teas due to its nutritional and cleansing properties.
Thanks to special cultivation methods, Matcha leaves are shielded from the sun, thus concentrating large amounts of amino acids just before harvesting. Matcha is softer tasting, intensely green and contains large amounts of the body-purifying chlorophyll.


Chlorella - green algae

Chlorella algae helps to eliminate toxins from the body, supporting the proper functioning of the liver and kidneys.


Spirulina - green algae

A wealth of natural minerals, vitamins and proteins, in addition, this microalga helps regulate body weight.

Zielony jęczmień

Young barley

During the production process, fresh sprouts of young green barley are dried to retain the maximum amount of micronutrients.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera

Extremely highly concentrated (200 times) Aloe Vera extract. Aloe vera has strong antioxidant properties and aids the elimination of xenobiotics from the body.

Active ingredients

Active ingredients Daily dose
(1 serving 5g )
Organic Matcha Tea Leaf Powder 2000,00 mg
Spirulina Powder (60% Protein) 1000,00 mg
Broken Call Wall Chlorella 1000,00 mg
Green Barley Grass Extract 550,00 mg
Oxxynea® FP – Patented Complex of 22 Fruits and Vegetables 400,00 mg
Aloe Vera Leaf Joice Extract 50,00 mg

Oxxynea® FP is a proprietary brand of Fytexia


How to use
The recommended daily dose is 5 g. Dissolve one serving of the product – 5 g (1 scoop) in 200 mL of water and mix thoroughly. Drink 30 minutes before physical or mental activity. Do not consume with other products containing caffeine, or ingredients with similar effects.

Do not use in case of allergy to any of the preparation ingredients. Do not use during pregnancy or in case of nursing mothers. Do not exceed the recommended daily serving. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute (replacement) for a well-balanced diet. It is recommended to maintain a balanced diet and follow a healthy lifestyle. The package contains moisture absorbers (rectangular bags) that should be left in the container after opening. Absorbents are not intended for consumption. This product should be used within 90 days after opening.

Batch number / Best before date
See the bottom of the package.

Store in a dry and cool place, out of reach of children. Protect from direct sunlight. Caution! This product may crystallize. This is due to the hygroscopic nature of the active ingredients of the preparation and does not affect its quality or performance.

Manufactured in the European Union


In NATURE ESSENCE supplements (except for collagen in COLLAGEN FOR YOUR BEAUTY), there is no ingredient of animal origin, which makes these products suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

No, we have pledged not to use the raw materials tested on animals or to carry out such tests at any stage of the production of products.

All raw materials that we use for the production of supplements come from certified suppliers. We do not use any cheap substitutes. Our products are manufactured in the European Union in accordance with GMP, FSSC, BRC, ISO certificates. This guarantees high quality and safety of our products.

Each of the ingredients in our products has been chosen because of its proven effectiveness. Manufacturers of raw materials used by us conduct research (also clinical) that confirms their operation.

Children under 12 can use NATURE ESSENCE supplements ONLY after consulting a doctor or pharmacist. These products were created for young people and adults.

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded (information on the product packaging). You can divide it into two portions, for example, or take one portion at a time.

Shota, can be diluted, for example, in a glass of water. It is recommended to take shots with a lot of water. Collagen should only be consumed after reconstituting it in 200ml of water.

Dietary supplements should not be mixed directly with alcohol. However, there are no contraindications to alcohol consumption when the supplement is used.

Yes, you should follow the daily dose recommendations.

The packaging of each type of supplements is given the method of use, please follow these tips.

Our products are inspired entirely by nature, therefore they contain sugars only of natural origin – fruit. We have also made sure that NATURE ESSENCE products have the right proportions of sugars in relation to other ingredients so that they enhance the effect of supplements without harming them.

From a diabetic perspective, the use of NATURE ESSENCE products does not change anything in their diet planning. This means that people who use insulin must consider its dose, depending on the carbohydrate dose. Just like with every meal. People with type II diabetes must remember to distribute the sugar intake from fats (at least one hour is recommended), or take it during or up to 2 hours after physical exercise. In case of doubts, it is always worth consulting the way of taking NATURE ESSENCE products with a doctor who created individual recommendations for a diabetic, so as to include the content of our products in the correct diet plan.

In each case of balancing the diet for children, we must take into account a number of factors, including the child’s developmental stage, its weight, tolerance to the given elements of the diet or the current diet. NATURE ESSENCE shots, as products from natural ingredients and children can bring many benefits, but remember that: It is strongly discouraged to give children products containing caffeine; some NATURE ESSENCE products contain this – a natural ingredient. So always check the exact composition of each shot you plan to give to children; if in doubt, consult a physician before using any of the products. This is recommended, for example, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients or other contraindications. Remember that children do not plan their own diet. We must take care of its correct ingredients.

Some NATURE ESSENCE products are based on natural caffeine extracts (eg Perfect Body Therapy, MemoryStart, EnergyStart, FatburnStart). Of course – it also contains coffee, which, depending on the type and method of preparation, has about 30-50mg of caffeine. Remember to separate both sources from yourself. It is best to keep one or more of the above-mentioned products at least 3 to 4 hours before / after drinking coffee or another product that contains caffeine.

The use of any caffeine-containing product should be given to people with cardiovascular disease preceded by a consultation with a doctor. We recommend that you always check the composition of each of our products. We remind you that caffeine contains, among others Perfect Body Therapy, MemoryStart, EnergyStart, FatburnStart.

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