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A clear mind and a perfectly working memory is actually a necessity in today’s overloaded information of civilization. Every day we have to acquire many new skills, make difficult decisions and take responsibility for numerous duties and people around us. However, often overwhelmed by the flood of affairs, we forget and omit many important things. Thanks to the condensed nature in this plant mixture, we can strengthen our memory and concentration.

MEMORYSTART is an energetic combination of three brain-stimulating ingredients: natural caffeine, tamarillo (woody tomato) and green oat extract. It will help our brain with many nutrients that will maximize our intellectual abilities and improve the well-being and quality of everyday life.

How it works?

Natural caffeine

  • extract obtained from 100% vegetable sources (green coffee beans and tea leaves)
  • stimulates the central nervous system (cerebral cortex)
  • it affects the increase of concentration and improvement of mood
  • Caffeine has a beneficial effect on attention, reduces fatigue and drowsiness
  • it speeds up heart activity and increases the metabolic rate
  • causes better performance in both endurance and strength disciplines, by shifting the effect of fatigue over time. This allows for a much more intense effort
  • causes better focus and readiness to act, which results from the increased level of adrenaline

Think faster and more accurately!

Mentarillo® (Solanum betaceum)

  • known as tomato tree
  • comes from south america
  • a natural mind amplifier
  • improves memory and mood
  • helps in learning
  • naturally rich in B vitamins, vitamin C and minerals
  • studies have shown activation of the human dopamine 1 receptor, which is one of the most important neuro transmitters to regulate brain function. The game plays a key role in
  • working memory
  • learning ability
  • sleep regulation
  • mood regulation

Neuravena® (Avena sativa L.)

  • patented extract of wild green oats
  • obtained from specially selected oats
  • it increases the overall mental efficiency and supports its functioning in stressful situations
  • regulates the level of stress
  • green oat helps relieve restless sleep
  • the product is safe and certified

Active ingredients

Active ingredients1 ampule
(25 ml)
Mentarillo® – Extract of the fruit of the Groundworm Digellant (Solanum betaceum)800,00 mg
Neuravena® – green oat extract (Avena sativa)200,00 mg
Caffeine – natural200,00 mg
Glucose4000,00 mg

Mentarillo®,  Neuravena® is a registered trademark of Frutarom


Recommended use:
Daily serving – 1 ampoule 25ml.

Shake before consumption. Drink in small sips, leaving the liquid for a long time in the mouth. The optimal absorption of active substances takes place via mucosa. It is recommended to drink the ampoule before or during a meal. Drink plenty of water (about 200 ml). The contents of the shot can also be diluted in a glass of water.

You can eat MEMORYSTART both on an empty stomach and during a meal.

Do not use if the patient is allergic to any of the product’s ingredients; during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and well-balanced diet. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended. The product is intended for adults.

Best before the end, party number:
Information on the packaging

Store in a dry and cool place, out of reach of children. Protect against direct sunlight

Manufactured in the European Union



In NATURE ESSENCE supplements (except for collagen in COLLAGEN FOR YOUR BEAUTY), there is no ingredient of animal origin, which makes these products suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

No, we have pledged not to use the raw materials tested on animals or to carry out such tests at any stage of the production of products.

All raw materials that we use for the production of supplements come from certified suppliers. We do not use any cheap substitutes. Our products are manufactured in the European Union in accordance with GMP, FSSC, BRC, ISO certificates. This guarantees high quality and safety of our products.

Each of the ingredients in our products has been chosen because of its proven effectiveness. Manufacturers of raw materials used by us conduct research (also clinical) that confirms their operation.

Children under 12 can use NATURE ESSENCE supplements ONLY after consulting a doctor or pharmacist. These products were created for young people and adults.

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded (information on the product packaging). You can divide it into two portions, for example, or take one portion at a time.

Shota, can be diluted, for example, in a glass of water. It is recommended to take shots with a lot of water. Collagen should only be consumed after reconstituting it in 200ml of water.

Dietary supplements should not be mixed directly with alcohol. However, there are no contraindications to alcohol consumption when the supplement is used.

Yes, you should follow the daily dose recommendations.

The packaging of each type of supplements is given the method of use, please follow these tips.

Our products are inspired entirely by nature, therefore they contain sugars only of natural origin – fruit. We have also made sure that NATURE ESSENCE products have the right proportions of sugars in relation to other ingredients so that they enhance the effect of supplements without harming them.

From a diabetic perspective, the use of NATURE ESSENCE products does not change anything in their diet planning. This means that people who use insulin must consider its dose, depending on the carbohydrate dose. Just like with every meal. People with type II diabetes must remember to distribute the sugar intake from fats (at least one hour is recommended), or take it during or up to 2 hours after physical exercise. In case of doubts, it is always worth consulting the way of taking NATURE ESSENCE products with a doctor who created individual recommendations for a diabetic, so as to include the content of our products in the correct diet plan.

In each case of balancing the diet for children, we must take into account a number of factors, including the child’s developmental stage, its weight, tolerance to the given elements of the diet or the current diet. NATURE ESSENCE shots, as products from natural ingredients and children can bring many benefits, but remember that: It is strongly discouraged to give children products containing caffeine; some NATURE ESSENCE products contain this – a natural ingredient. So always check the exact composition of each shot you plan to give to children; if in doubt, consult a physician before using any of the products. This is recommended, for example, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients or other contraindications. Remember that children do not plan their own diet. We must take care of its correct ingredients.

Some NATURE ESSENCE products are based on natural caffeine extracts (eg Perfect Body Therapy, MemoryStart, EnergyStart, FatburnStart). Of course – it also contains coffee, which, depending on the type and method of preparation, has about 30-50mg of caffeine. Remember to separate both sources from yourself. It is best to keep one or more of the above-mentioned products at least 3 to 4 hours before / after drinking coffee or another product that contains caffeine.

The use of any caffeine-containing product should be given to people with cardiovascular disease preceded by a consultation with a doctor. We recommend that you always check the composition of each of our products. We remind you that caffeine contains, among others Perfect Body Therapy, MemoryStart, EnergyStart, FatburnStart.


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